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Thanks to our incredibly versatile team, we offer a wide variety of services: press relations, social media strategy, campaign planning and event organization. We offer creative solutions for every aspect of your communications plan.

Press Relations

Annual press relations

When it comes to press relations, we are the experts. By choosing the annual press relations service, you entrust our team with all of the press relations tasks related to an artist or organization for a year. After establishing a game plan, we deal with the media every time it is appropriate throughout the year.

Interview planning

Interviews are carefully planned. We use our best contacts and ensure the logistics for a series of relevant interviews with media and influencers to ensure maximum reach for your message.

Coaching and interview support

Before a press tour, certain artists or spokespeople feel the need to refine the messages they wish to communicate. We offer an interview support service to help them do just that.

Press release writing and distribution

Count on us to distribute your press releases. Our press list, which includes all of the media involved in the cultural sector, is carefully and continually updated to target deciders and influencers.

Red-carpet premiere organization

We know red carpets. Thanks to our privileged relationships with many artists, public personalities and industry leaders, we can organize premieres quickly and efficiently. You want Montréal’s best to walk your red carpet? Call us.

Crisis management

It is not realistic to think that it will always be smooth sailing. Nobody likes a crisis, but they are part of the game. With her expertise in crisis management, Elisabeth Roy can help you ride out the storm.

Social Media Strategy

Roy & Turner offers you a complete social media strategy service. From analyzing your situation to creating strategies, as well as planning and creating content, we take care of your e-reputation!

Promotion, Publicity, Media Creativity

With our expertise in media and audiences, we can plan your advertising campaign and negotiate your promotional agreements. As well, we include creative media elements that will make you stand out from the rest.

Event Organization

Unmatched planning, incredible creativity and uncompromising thoroughness is Roy & Turner’s promise when it comes to organizing your event. A happening venue, a sublime décor, custom music, delicious food – we master the art of event organization!